Thursday, May 3, 2012

History of Dupax (Part 8): Destruction of Lives, Properties and Institutions During the Wars

[NOTE: This is the last part of a series of historical texts from the unpublished HISTORY AND CULTURAL LIFE OF DUPAX (not dated, author unknown, 11 pages typescript).]

DURING THE Philippine Revolution, Dupax did not lose so much life and property. Practically all the work animals of the people, however, were either slaughtered for food by both the Katipuneros and the Spaniards or confiscated for work.

A young carabao being axed prior to butchering as part of the festivities during the Dupax del Sur town fiesta in 2011. Events like this must have occurred by the hundreds in Dupax during the Philippine Revolution since the town used to have plenty of carabaos.

Between 1941 and 1945 the only lives lost were those caught and suspected guerillas and spies. Almost all of the houses and buildings, however, did not escape the bombs and destruction made by the retreating Japanese soldiers.

With the people helping themselves and the War Damage Funds from the generous Americans, reconstruction and rehabilitation took place. About 90% of all the families in Dupax got war damage claims from P100 to a little more than P1,000. These were payments made for destroyed houses and furnishings and lost animals.

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