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Isinay Songs: "Kukkuyappon"

When I was little, there were always butterflies cavorting among my mother's front-yard garden of bougainvilleas, gumamelas, lilies, and daisies. It was probably because of such colorful creatures that even as I didn't quite like the tune of this song, I didn't exactly block it when it was taught to us in grade school. The version that I learned (Lyrics 1) was however short compared to the one (Lyrics 2) presented by Nueva Vizcaya delegates in a folk arts festival in Manila in 1978. 

Lyrics 1
[Translation by Charles P. Castro]
Kukkuyappon maserot podda
maat tu tay ta dioy si ivahaˆ
eyam tiye sulat uwar
Ta i-ator mu y amigaˆ.

(Butterfly so beautiful
Come I'll tell something
Take this my letter
Then give it to my girlfriend.) 

Alimbawa ta santuwonaˆ
Ya adyom diyoy man-atu-atung
Andiyere atung nar
Atung si sait si nomnom.

(In case she'll ask about me
Please tell I'm not feeling well
If she'll ask what's the cause
Sick due to hurt feelings.) 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lyrics 2
 [Lyrics and choreography by Mrs. Estela G. Fernandez; translation by Mrs. Aida C. Mamaoag]

Kukkuyappon an maserot
Damdaman an-anapoˆ sia
Apeletaˆ di daˆdamar
Mangivolejas si aru-ar.

(Butterfly, so pretty
For you I’ve been searching
Your help I’ve been wanting
My love message, please relay)

Amtaˆ mot di ittuamar
Diyoy at nan manliliwaliw
Are-eyan di savungar
Si gitaw ri mihalang uar.

(I know now where you are
You are there roaming around
Amidst the beautiful flowers
In the meadow of my dear one)

Kukkuyappon an maserot
Maattu ta diyoy si ivajaˆ
Iyator mu tie sulat uar
Si pinavle ar an mariit.

(Butterfly, so beautiful
Please come, I’ve something to tell
Deliver my love letter
To the lady so much I endear)

Ittum di pan-engat muar
Etom si mabves di sulat uar
Uan satie ya yajyajom
Bivil uar mawayir lojom.

(Please be very careful,
Handle the letter very well
Lest it might get lost
My love message will vanish.)

Sar-om tay an basona
Ri sulat uar an in-ator mu
Santuwom di suvvet nar
Mu dawatona ri aru-ar.

(Wait until she reads
The letter you have given
Ask her immediate response
If she accepts my proposal.)

Alimbawa ta dawatona
Ammair piseysalamat uar
Maunat Apu tauar Diyos
On siat mi-ar-arwa.

(In case she accepts my love
My bountiful thanks
First, to our dear Lord
Secondly, to friend butterfly.)

Kukkuyappon lu-uyonaˆ
Seruwon ta ri inaru-ar
Ipasyal tat gitawar
Ta pangilan si gayjaya.

(Butterfly, accompany me
Let’s drop for my loved one
To stroll around the meadow
For relaxation and joy.)

Kukkuyappon manette-a
Belengom di pantaroˆ miar
Ihuyur u, iwayas u
Ilivor u mantunat tunanar.

(Butterfly, please observe
Watch how we both dance
We move forward and sideward
We turn around and around.)

Kukkuyappon an maserot
Maserot an kukkuyappon
Masompal amin dua
Salamat si, salamat si daˆdamar!

(Butterfly, so pretty
Pretty, pretty butterfly
We will soon get married
Thank you, thank you
For your big, big help.)

NOTE: Performed at the Philippine Folk Arts Theater, July 1978, by: Mayor William L. Giron, Mrs. Josefa G. Giron, Mr. Elpidio Cia, Mrs. Edita F.Galutera, Mr. Artemio Mamaoag, Mrs. Aida C. Mamaoag, Mr. Wilfredo Umli (butterfly), selected Bayombong and Solano teachers (flowers). Performed again at the Manila Garden Hotel representing the Province of Nueva Vizcaya during PAGAYAYA ’88 by: Mrs. Epifania M. Cia (Principal of Dupax Central School), Mr. Elpidio Cia (NFE Coordinator), Mrs. Aurora A. Reyes (GACES Elementary School Teacher), Mr. David Castro (District Statistician).

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