Monday, April 4, 2011

Isinay Songs: "Imbestida"

I just found my soft copy of the Isinay songs that I transcribed sometime back from a sheaf of yellowing bond paper lent to me by my sister Judith Castro-Dial. Sang by a group of Dupax Isinays (some of them now long gone) at the Philippine Folk Arts Theatre in 1978, I thought it is but proper to include them in this Isinay blogsite to serve the needs of those who may have forgotten or are looking for their lyrics. 

It's fortunate that the songs came with their English translations. For this I must thank my second cousin Mrs. Aida Coloma-Mamaoag because at least she has saved me from the trouble of facing complainants in the event that a more knowledgeable guy would rise to point out that some Isinay terms and nuances have been murdered in the translation. 

I don't know how Judith managed to get a copy of the script, but suffice it that it carried the following note by way of giving credit where credit is due:  

Representing the province of Nueva Vizcaya, the following performed the Imbestida during the First Philippine Folk Festival at the Philippine Folk Arts Theater on July 7, 1978:

Mrs. Estela G. Fernandez (Principal, GACES)
Mr. Juan Felix (Orchestra Violinist)
Mrs. Josefa G. Giron (BIR Collecting Agent)
Mr. Dominador Boada (Municipal Treasurer, Dupax del Sur)

Bride: Miss Jennifer G. Giron
Groom: Mr. Wilbert Giron

Wine Offerers
Mr. Emilio J. Fernandez (Municipal Treasurer, Dupax del Norte)
Mr. Artemio Mamaoag (Post Office Letter Carrier)

Mr. Osias Cadiente (Governor of Nueva Vizcaya)
Mr. William Giron (Mayor of Dupax del Sur)

Mrs. Aida C. Mamaoag (Teacher, Dupax Elementary School)
Mr. Elpidio Cia (Teacher, Dupax Elementary School)

(Wedding Song and Dance)

Savungar si gitawar
An man-ivil toy pa-eya
Uriaˆ an ineya toy nilu-uyaˆ y Ua
Isumbongaˆ y Ina ya
Bumbungonaˆ y Ama

(A flower in the meadow
Pleads me to pick her
I refused ‘cause Brod was with me
He might report me to Mother
I’ll be whipped by Father)

Mambaliwaˆ an sinalongsong
Ta ittunaˆ si dila mar
Inumom di luppa mar ta
Mainteror pusumar

(I’ll turn to a leaf with nut and lime
And put me in your mouth
Swallow your saliva
To purify your heart)

Manbaliwaˆ an pipingaw
Ta umapaˆ si botoˆ muar
Wara ilat misantu
Saloysoy an balituˆ

(I’ll turn into a moth
And alight on your hair
If someone dares to ask
It’s a golden comb)

Among lan lamesan marmol
Di nganin di duwena ar
Mabves pangipatangan si
Puri ar on galang

(It’s like a marble table
The figure of my idol
Just right for me to lay
My pride and honor)

Wariye toy nasompal ta ya
Man-in-aru tat pantunana
Engatan ta ri panlu-uy tar
Ta mannannar di gayjaya tar

(Now that we are bound
Let’s love each other forever
Smooth our togetherness
To maintain our happiness)

(Next Song: Dattut Ittuwam)

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