Thursday, October 20, 2016

Three Big Events in Isinay Bird's Life

I wanted to make up for lost time in keeping this blog stay afloat, but somehow three big events of tsunami proportions in my life as a lesser mortal, if I may be verbose about it, slowed me from doing so.

I'm now in the USA. My wife and I arrived here in New Jersey on August 20, 2016 (taking the route from Baguio to Manila to Taiwan to Los Angeles to New York).

It took a while for me to go through the eye of the needle to come here.

You must have learned about this through Facebook: MY MOTHER DIED.

This was on Sept 19, when I was only 28 days old in the USA.

As is expected, I needed to go home to at least see her for the last time.

Being the eldest in the family, the days that followed my mom’s departure had made me very busy, to say the least.
Two days after we interred my mother’s remains in Dupax on Sept 28, I went up to Baguio and maximized “apostolic” time with my two grandkids there until the evening of Oct 7 when, in the face of an increasingly inclement weather, my son and I motored straight up to NAIA 1 to catch my 4:00AM Oct 8 flight to New York (via Taipei).

Again, you must have heard of this via friends on Facebook: I WAS RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL.

This was the day after I had barely resumed and warmed my joyful seat (along with Mrs. Castro) as lolo-cum-nanny to my 5-month-old twin grandkids here at New Jersey.

It was a case of diverticulosis (“a condition where the colon develops little pockets or potholes as a result of a diet relatively low in fiber and high in animal products”). Sakit kano ti lakay daytoy (“about half of all people over age 60 have it”).

Ti kunada ket harmless ti diverticulosis. Ngem sabali ti naaramid kaniak ta uray awan ti nariknak a nasakit, naibusanak iti dara after at least five successive visits to the “comfort” room.

To make the story short, nagbakasionak idiay Jersey City Medical Center iti exacly one week (Oct 10 to Oct 17) ta bimmaba kano unay ti blood pressure ken hemoglobin daytoy kabsatyo.

Now I’m back in this beautiful place of the Garden State near the Hudson River where my daughter and son-in-law (born in New York, his mother is from Pamplona, Cagayan and his father is from Villasis, Pangasinan) are raising their twin daughters.

I’m still in recuperating mode, but rest assured I’ll try my best to catch up with on what I was supposed to catch up with before these three events happened.

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